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Q:  Why should I choose Vivid Photography for my family portraits?

A:  We are experienced, professional photographers. Since 2004 we have photographed thousands of
     Kiwi families and we pride ourselves on delivering contemporary artworks that capture the essence
     and individuality of every family. 



Q:  Can you photograph our family at home?

A:  All of our photo shoots are at our professional studios only. To really personalise your photographs,
     we encourage you to bring along any special items you'd like in your images.



Q:  Does Vivid Photography shoot individuals and couples?

A:  No, we specialise in photographing families. However, as part of your shoot your photographer will take 

     group shots of your family as well as images of the children, adults and various individual shots.


Q:  How much do the photographs cost?

A:  We have a wide range of quality framed and unframed products with prices from $150 to $4000. We also 
     offer GE Finance and a three month payment plan so you can spread your payments out.



 Q:  What is the viewing special price offer?

 A:  At your viewing session you will receive at least 20% off our standard price list.



Q:  How long does it take to produce my order?

A:  Once you’ve chosen your favourite images for framing, it takes between 5-7 weeks for your finished
     artworks to be produced. 


Q:  Who owns the copyright on the images from the session?

A:  Vivid Photography retains the copyright to all images taken at your session.


Q:  Can we re-order more photographs after we've placed our initial order?

A:  Yes. At Vivid Photography we archive your images for a minimum of 6 months so ordering additional
     artworks is quick and easy.




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